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Prediction model for pancreatic cancer risk in the general Japanese population


Rapid urine antibody test for Helicobacter pylori infection in adolescents

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Descriptive Epidemiology of Hypertension and Its Association With Obesity: Based on the WHO STEPwise Approach to Surveillance in Palau

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Similarities and differences between coronary heart disease and stroke in the associations with cardiovascular risk factors: The Japan Collaborative Cohort Study

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The day-time patterns of carbohydrate intake in the UK adults - results from the NDNS RP (2008-16)
Tue, Dec 4, 2018

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Rstan 學習筆記 Chapter 5.3


Rstan 學習筆記 Chapter 5.2



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  1. The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japane Epidemiological Association, Tokyo, Japan, 31$^{th}$ Jan, The day-time patterns of carbohydrate intake in the UK - results from the NDNS RP (2008-16), Poster P109.

  2. 名大愛知医大名市大ゲノム勉強会1, Nagoya, 12$^{nd}$ March, Simple introduction of the project done in the UK, Oral, slides.


  1. Project Talk of my MSc of Medical Statistics@LSHTM, London, 23$^{th}$ April, The timing of carbohydrates intake in the UK population, Oral, slides.
  2. Internal seminar webslides@AMU, Nagakute, 3$^{th}$ Oct, Basic survival analysis, oral, slides.
  3. Some slides about the year in LSHTM 2017-09/2018-09, slides.


  1. 名大愛知医大名市大ゲノム勉強会1, Nagoya, 16$^{th}$ May, Introduction of the usage of GCTA program, Oral, slides.
  2. 名大愛知医大名市大ゲノム勉強会2, Nagoya, 20$^{th}$ June, Preliminary results of GWAS analysis of Psychological Traits in Okazaki Cohort Study, Oral, slides.
  3. 基盤(B)井上班班会議, Tokyo, 14$^{th}$ July, がん関連感染症の出生年別保有率推計方法, How to estimate prevalence of H. pylori by birth year in Japanese population, Oral, slides.
  4. The 21st International Epidemiological Association (IEA) World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE2017), Saitama, Japan, 19$^{th}$~22$^{th}$ August, Prevalence of H.pylori infection in Japan by birth cohort, from 1908 to 2003 – a systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Poster P1-57.


  1. 日本ヘリコバクター学会, Beppu, Oita, 24-26$^{th}$ June, Safety of Metronidazole, Oral, slides.
  2. 加藤班会議, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 15~16$^{th}$ Jan., Comparison of Urinelisa and Rapirun, Oral, slides.
  3. 日本疫学会学術総会, JEA, Yonago, Tottori, 21-23$^{th}$ Jan, Milk and stroke risk, Poster, Slides, P1-027, Abstract.


  1. 疫学懇話会, Nagakute, Aichi, 14$^{th}$ Sep., Epidemiological Forum in Nagoya, Oral1; 2; 3.


  1. 20th IEA World Congress of Epidemiology, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, 17-21$^{th}$ Aug., Family history and diabetes, Poster P-2199, Abstract.


  1. 日本公衆衛生学会総会, Tsu, Mie, 23~25$^{th}$ Oct, Seaweed intake and thyroid cancer, Poster P-0103-9, Abstract.
  2. 日本疫学会学術総会, Osaka, 24-26$^{th}$ Jan., Milk intake frequency and overall mortality, Poster, Abstract.


  1. 日本疫学会学術総会, JEA, Tokyo, 26-28$^{th}$ Jan., CRP and Diabetes Incidence, Poster P2-063, Abstract.


  1. 日本疫学会学術総会, JEA, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 21-22$^{th}$ Jan., $\omega$-3 PUFA and liver fat content, Poster PP1-056, Abstract.
  2. The 9th International Symposium on In Vivo Body Composition Studies, IBC-2011, Hangzhou, China, 21-24$^{th}$ May., C3 and liver fat content, Poster P-24, Abstract.


Aichi Workers' Cohort Study | 愛知職域コホート研究

A cohort study of cardiovascular disease in a worksite in Japan

Genome Cohort on Psychosocial traits (GCOP) Study


the Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) Study | 大規模コホート研究

JACC Studyは日本人の生活習慣ががんとどのように関連しているかを明らかにすることを目的としています

Teaching Materials


  1. 基礎医学セミナー1st, 213, am, Understand Sensitivity and Specificity, slides
  2. 基礎医学セミナー2nd, 218, am, Pubmed and etc., slides
  3. 基礎医学セミナー3rd, 218, pm, Systematic review, slides
  4. 基礎医学セミナー4th, 221, am, Julie Huang (Stanford U.): H. pylori finds its home, video; Microbiology - Helicobacter Pylori (Ulcer), video


  1. 栄養疫学 (Nutritional Epidemiolgoy), 417, slides


  1. 基礎医学セミナー1st, 421, Introduction, slides
  2. 基礎医学セミナー2nd, 428, Pubmed and etc., slides
  3. 基礎医学セミナー3rd, 519, About Zotero, slides
  4. 基礎医学セミナー4th, 526, Critical appraisal of the literature, slides
  5. 疫学演習, 620, slides
  6. 社会医学実習, 623, Guidance, textbook, example